Malware Apps are responsible for Facebook Hacking

Recently told tech giant companies to their embarrassment that almost Facebook hacking is happening. But who is responsible for this? Meta said it is impossible to hack passwords from Facebook’s database. When a person saves their password on Facebook with numbers or letters or signs, it is not saved with those numbers, letters, or signs, but the password is encoded by binary numbers and saved in the database. For example, if your password is “2022” with 4 digits, then the binary of 2 will be: 010, the binary of 0 is 000, and the binary of 2 is 010. Thus, each number is saved as a separate binary code and there are no spaces between them. The 2022 password is also saved in the Facebook database by binary coding 010000010010. So by encoding the codes in this way, it is no longer possible for any hacker or cracker to decode the binary password. If a hacker enters the Facebook server then it is not possible to decode the password. So the idea that Facebook is hacking is not correct. But your Facebook username and password are stolen, which is what you call hacking. So who is stealing, some apps with malware are used on your phone which not only steals your Facebook ID and password but steal all your personal data, and banking data. The Facebook company owned by Meta has also requested to delete these apps containing malware from the mobile phone. Check if there are malware apps on your mobile:

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